Surf Week Events

Surf Coaching and Body Movement With Clayton Neinaber & Cris Mills

June 14-21/24, 2020

Enhance your flexibility, strength, endurance, and power. This workshop is designed to teach you the tools to take control of your body, your surfing, and your health… because they are all intertwined.

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Prana in Popoyo with Jen Hicks

January 18-25, 2020

Cocooned under the Nicaraguan sun, we practice together unhurried. Dip in the pool, relax and revitalize your body with yoga, surf, and adventure. Determine your own participation level. Nothing is required but fun.

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Josh Kerr & Coach Damian Fahrenfort

August 8-14, 2019

Up your performance in the best waves in Nicaragua, while staying in luxury at a 5 star eco-friendly resort. The instruction will be tailored to intermediate and above with optional barrel riding workshops.

Starts at $4,300 per surfer.

Non surfing spouses/partners are free!

Taylor Knox & Coach Matt Griggs

Sept 15-21, 2019

We will take a holistic approach as we explore mental and physical awareness in relation to the maximum output in both surfing and life. Come join us in wave rich Popoyo, Nicaragua and stay in 5 star bespoke luxury and dine on healthy, locally-sourced, organic food.

Starts at $4,300 per surfer.

Non surfing spouses/partners are free!

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