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An opportunity to reconnect with yourself through medicine ceremonies, nature and the community we create together in Malibu.  For any inquiries or to register, please email


El camino de los hijos de la tierra

El camino de los hijos de la tierra (the path of the children of the Earth) is the legacy of an ancient way of life, which recognizes that behind all forms of life is the spirit. To walk this path is to honor that spirit in every detail, in every action. It is to recognize that the spirit sustains all forms of life, including ourselves and the rest of creation. We have received this worldview that guided our Native American ancestors in the past, and we  integrated it into our lives, to transform our day to day experience of love and harmony.

Our ceremonies are open to all who have red blood. We celebrate in a circle diversity and we recognize the spirit behind all philosophies, traditions and religions. Our work is oriented to the re-connection of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Our grandparents have left us various rituals such as the sacred Temazcal or inipi, and the Ceremonies with the sacred medicines or master plants. All ceremonies are open to all who come with respect, to seek reconnection with the medicine of the Heart. Before your arrival we will have personal talks with each participants about their diets and prework to do.


The Temazcal is type of sweat lodge heated by volcanic stones and originated from the Nahuatls and Aztecs, where is Mexico and Central America today. We usualy drink medicine in the Temazcal.
San Pedro or Huachuma is a cactus native to the Andes Mountains of Peru and Ecuador. It has a long history of use spanning 3,000 years in traditional Andean medicine.
Kambo is a medicine that comes from frog secretion, and for many indigenous cultures in the Amazon, this purgative, immunity-boosting medicine is known as the “vaccine of the forest,” as it is a powerful treatment for chronic pain.
Ayahuasca is an Amazonian plant medicine used for centuries, possibly thousands of years, by indigenous and more recently mestizo shamans across the upper Amazon throughout Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil.


Retreat Program

All participation is optional

› Scheduling your stay

The plant medicine retreat lasts for 3 days, but all participants are able to customize their stay at Malibu to arrive however many days before the retreat and depart at their leisure depending on what day they want to leave.  We can create a a personal itinerary for each participants.  We recommend arriving at least a day before the retreat program starts so that there is enough time to unwind, relax and prepare.  Connecting with nature and ocean, surfing, yoga, fishing, and horseback riding are all beautiful ways to celebrate life before and after the retreat.

› Day 1

  • 8 AM Meditation, yoga and presentation with the medicine team, sharing what is our purpose for our week of work. It would also be a space to clarify any doubts about working with medicines.
  • 9 AM Kambo Ceremony group 1 (here we split the group in half). If you are in group 1 make sure to fast that morning (only water is allowed). Group 2 will do a Sound Healing Yoga Activation.
  • 11 AM Lunch and rest during the day at the pool or swim in the ocean.
  • 5 PM We light the fire of the Sunset Opening Temazcal on the beach. While the stones get warm we share the medicine of San Pedro.
  • 7 PM we then enter the Temazcal Ceremony, it finishes around 10-11 PM. We eat a soup together and rest.

› Day 2

  • 9 AM Kambo Ceremony with group 2. Group 1 has a Sound Healing Yoga Activation.
  • 12 PM Lunch. During the rest of day we recommend people to enjoy it, relax, spend time at the pool, swim in the ocean and have some time to rest in the afternoon.
  • 4 PM Light Snack
  • 9 PM Full Moon Ayahuasca Ceremony in ceremonial space, it ends in the morning of the next day. We bless the food and eat our ceremonial breakfast together.

› Day 3

  • 6:30 AM Ayahuasca Breakfast, blessing of the sea swim.

Sound Healing

2 women practicing yoga on yoga mats in Nicaragua

Malibu’s unique blend of luxury surf retreat, adventure escape and soulful sanctuary challenges you to break away from your comfort zone in order to stoke your adventurous spirit and revitalize the mind, body and soul. It is grounded in Nicaraguan culture, a neighbor to more than 10 world-class surf breaks and powered by a team committed to delivering an experience that inspires revival and transformation.


Your wild side is calling let’s bring it to life.
Address: Playa Santana Limon 2, Popoyo, Nicaragua



Private bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms:

› Loft
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Yuri Rodriguez Blanco

Yuri Rodriguez Blanco

(Medicine Man)

Born in Uruguay, he started working with sacred medicines more than 25 years ago. In 2003, after 10 years of training, he received the blessing of the Shuar as Uwishin (Medicine Man) and also of the Red Way as “Medicine Man”. His work with medicines has taken him throughout most of Europe and America making retreats and ceremonies sharing these sacred sacraments. He directs the Vision Quest in Uruguay and Spain and the Dance of the Sun. He is the father of four children and lives with his partner Milagros Mailhos in a community in Uruguay.

Gusti Rosemffet

Gusti Rosemffet

(Medicine Man)

Born in Argentina, Gusti lives in Spain and is a renowned author and illustrator of stories. He has published more than 60 books in 20 countries, work for which he has been recognized and  awarded throughout his career. As an artist and father of a child with special abilities, he is also very involved in the integration of people with Dowsn syndrome. Sixteen years ago, he came into contact with the power plants through the red road with the family of Uruguay and  Catalonia. For 8 years he has been part of the Vision Quest Council and three years ago he was named “Medicine Man” by this family.

The Family

Margaux Armonia

Margaux Armonia

(Yoga teacher, singer)

Born in Brussels, Margaux has lived in Nicaragua for 8 years. Co-founder of Reserva Los Nogales, she built a sustainable development of an ecological and cultural community in the middle of a tropical forest where she organizes yoga and ancient medicines ceremonies retreats. She teaches sound healing yoga, a type of yoga that focuses on spirituality inducing the notion of effort to achieve a goal, to young people in rural and indigenous communities but also in Brussels, mixing music, sound healing, rituals, mesoamerican and mayas chants with asanas.



(Musician, sound healer, ecologist and chef)

Born and raised in Nicaragua, a drummer since the age of 7, Grammy nominee, Matute has played in many bands around the world. Co-Founder of Reserva Los Nogales, his drive is forest conservation, coffee culture, permaculture, eco-building and regeneration of soil. He shares traditional sound healing from Nepal through his magical tibetan bowls around and on your body during individual therapies or groupal ceremonies. He will also play music, guitar and percussions during ceremonies.

Yaosca Jimenez

Yaosca Jimenez

(Content creator, visionary, yoga teacher, clothing and jewelry designer)

Born and raised in Nicaragua, Yaosca means, in Nahuatl language, water in between the mountains or endless river. In Miskito, one of Nicaragua’s indigenous language, it is  translated as Sunlight. Her purpose within is community. Her intention is to walk in peace, beauty and spark souls. She is making a difference through design, music, laughter,  gratitude, perspective, and more laughter. Yaosca is devoted to yoga practice and Anawaka culture healing and she is continuously learning about ancient wisdom practices and  technology. Her intention is dedicated to preserve life underwater and in the forest.

Nicole Landau

Nicole Landau

(Singer, composer and film maker)

Nicole grew up grew up in a multi cultural, multi lingual household with artist parents, a mix between Nicaragua and San Francisco Bay Area. Co-funder of Mujer al Pedal, a pedal power women’s initiative in Nicaragua. Nicole aspires to create a sustainable living center that promotes the cycles of mother nature to guide our lifestyles. She is a media creator, musician, singer, composer, welder, agroecologist, and mother. Through art, education and sustainability, she desires to inspire future generations to dig down to the roots and listen to the teachings of nature.


Once you confirm your participation you will receive the full diet preparation.

To receive it please send an e-mail to:

Small intimate gathering with limited availability.



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