Earth Day 2023

Earth Day 2023

This April, we celebrated Earth Day alongside Popoyo’s local community by gathering to clean our neighboring roadsides and beaches before the rainy season hits. The Malibu team rounded up local businesses, residents, and tourists to collaborate and bring this event to life. Witnessing our little collective come together for the better of our oceans and planet was a beautiful all-around experience.

We collected over 30 large bags of waste, separated usable plastic to be repurposed, and later held a zero-waste BBQ for our volunteers. Here at Malibu Popoyo, we are more than just anotherEarth Day Cleanup at malibu popoyo resort, we are a community that truly cares about the future of our earth and recognizes that we have an obligation to act now.

We partnered up with the team over at  Buy Food with Plastic. This global initiative aims to tackle both hunger and pollution simultaneously through the creation of a Circular Economy. A Circular Economy, by definition, aims to radically limit the extraction of raw materials and the production of waste. It does this by recovering and reusing as many products and materials as possible, systemically, over and over again. The Buy Food with Plastic team visits several towns within the area each month. They put on educational clinics for adults and children, where they discuss the effects of plastic pollution and provide helpful tools to tackle it. They then collect plastic bottles and containers to be repurposed and provide meals in return for all participants.

Not only has this organization created a way for plastic to be upcycled and repurposed, but they have also managed to feed thousands of local families in the process. To learn more about their work here in Nicaragua and how you can be a part of it, please visit

This will be the first of many events centered around environmental stewardship and community. We are all surfers, nature lovers; and if not, humans, who have a responsibility to care for the place that sustains our everyday life.  As an eco-conscious business, we pledge to continue doing what we can to lead the way to real change.

In the meantime, the true power lies within our day-to-day choices. Living a life surrounded by nature and adventure is a perfect way to begin appreciating what this majestic earth has to offer. So put your phone down, invest in experiences rather than material things,  and enjoy her while you can!

Earth Day Cleanup at malibu popoyo


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