Is a Yoga Retreat Right for You?

Yoga and surfing: the two complement each other like fine wine and an artfully constructed cheeseboard. In the last decade, both sports have been woven together through their common ground of health and wellness. The mutually beneficial relationship between the two activities is obvious to those who practice both, but not be to anyone who is just a surfer or just a yoga enthusiast. If you’re new to surfing, new to yoga, or new to both surfing and yoga, a yoga retreat may be the ideal way to dive into a new and exciting world that is full of opportunities for self-improvement. At our Nicaragua surf resort, Malibu Popoyo, we host several yoga retreats annually with guests from all over the world. If you’ve thought about participating in a yoga retreat, at our Nicaragua surf resort or elsewhere, you may be curious about the benefits of participating in a yoga retreat versus regular surf or yoga travel. So, we decided to put together this handy list to answer the question, “Is a Yoga Retreat Right for You?”

Travel the worldYoga at Maliby Popoyo Boutique Resort Nicaragua

Yoga retreats are hosted all over the world, from the hilly, cobblestone streets of Lisbon to the black sand beaches of Bali, and, of course, in Nicaragua. Like surfing, participating in yoga retreats is a great way to see the world, especially if you’re traveling solo. A yoga retreat to our Nicaragua surf resort gives travelers the unique experience of visiting a small town in a gorgeous Central American country, known for its epic surf, where travelers will be able to experience Nicaraguan culture while staying at our all-inclusive Nicaraguan surf resort.

Find new passion

Whether you are an avid surfer or an enthused yogi, there is always room for more hobbies and passions in your life. As we stated above, surfing and yoga complement each other, so it’s only natural for surfers to take up yoga and vice versa. For surfers, yoga provides increased strength and flexibility that will ultimately lead to better performance in the water. For yoga lovers, surfing offers a similar meditative experience with an added closeness to nature. A yoga retreat to our Nicaragua surf resort is sure to ignite the spark of passion for both surfing and yoga in each of our guests.

Spend time with like-minded people

For many, the idea of traveling alone seems, at the very least, intimidating and to some, it seems impossible. Solo travel has the potential to be a profound and life-changing experience. It does, however, require the assumption of a few risks. To have a good time on a solo trip, you have to put yourself out there and meet new people. During a yoga retreat to our Nicaragua surf resort, Malibu Popoyo, guests are surrounded by like-minded people who enjoy the surf, sun, and yoga. So, meeting people is easy. Chances are when you return home, you’ll have made a few lifelong friends.

Immerse yourself in another culture

Participating in a yoga retreat allows you to experience new cultures as you travel. A visit to our Nicaragua surf resort will allow travelers an authentic Nicaraguan experience complete with delicious typical Nicaraguan cuisine as well as opportunities to practice Spanish and interact with our Nicaraguan staff. Visiting Popoyo reveals a different side to Nicaragua than what visitors to San Juan del Sur or Leon might experience. Popoyo is a small, rural community where Nicaraguan hospitality is on full display. Additionally, we are close to the Nicaraguan colonial city of Granada, where travelers will find colonial, Spanish architecture as well as several bars and restaurants.

Reap the health and wellness benefits of spending time in the ocean

In addition to the obvious physical benefits of surfing, being on, near, or around water is proven to be beneficial to our mental and physical health. Have you ever noticed the overwhelming sense of calm that washes over you each and every time you look out to sea? It turns out that feeling is encoded into our DNA. As humans evolved, we learned to associate large bodies of water as bountiful resources and a safe haven from land predators. Theses associations are still present in our minds today, and they cause our minds to relax at the sight of water with the release of powerful chemicals such as serotonin. 2 women practicing yoga on yoga mats in Nicaragua

Master yoga (or at least try to)

Yoga, like surfing, takes years of dedication to master. Like surfing, in yoga, there is always room to improve. Beyond the classic certifications, the further you push yourself in yoga, the more you’ll benefit. During a yoga retreat at our Nicaragua surf resort, you’ll be able to shut out the stress of daily life and focus on improving each and every day. Our expert yoga instructors are happy to help you focus on any desired area of improvement.

Learn to lead an active lifestyle

Attending a yoga retreat at our Nicaragua surf resort is bound to leave an impression on you, and send you home having picked up a few good habits. A typical day during one of our yoga retreats begins early with a surf lesson or session first thing in the morning. The morning surf is followed by a healthy breakfast with locally sourced, natural ingredients from our farm. After breakfast and a bit of relaxation, we’ll have our first yoga session of the day in our beachside, open-sided, wooden-floor palapa. After yoga, we refuel with another delicious, organic meal at La Cantina, before relaxing poolside. Afternoons are what you make them, head out for another surf session, or participate in another yoga class to bring your day to a close. In the evenings, we come together for a post-dinner bonfire on the beach, where we’ll reflect about our day before doing it all over again in the morning.


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