Malibu Popoyo: A Day in the Life

If you’re considering a surf trip to our Popoyo surf resort, Malibu Popoyo, you’re probably wondering how a day here compares to other resorts in the area and around the world. The truth of the matter is that not all surf trips are created equal. Many lodging options are just that, merely lodging. At our Popoyo surf resort, we do more than provide a warm bed for weary travelers, we engineer travel and surf experiences to each individual guest. Malibu Popoyo creates a distinct Nicaraguan experience awaits for every traveler, from hardcore surfers to travelers seeking solitude and relaxation.

Begin your day early (if you want), hunting for waves.The beach at morning

At our Popoyo surf resort, surfer guests rise with the sun to make the most of every day. Imagine waking at the crack of dawn to the sound of the Pacific Ocean crashing against the shoreline just outside your window. You crawl out of bed and make your way to La Cantina for a cup of Central America’s finest coffee, before climbing into one of our surf explorer vehicles on the hunt for waves. You pull up to Popoyo reef after a quick five-minute drive to find perfect a-frames peeling down the reef. You surf until your arms are too weary to paddle another stroke, and So, you head back to our Popoyo surf resort for a healthy and hardy breakfast.

Just like all surf trips are not created equal, neither or all surf travelers. Often, two groups on the same trip are looking for different things out of their surf trip, even beyond the stark contrast of beginner and experienced surfers.

Regardless of what kind of surf you’re looking for, you’ll find it near our Popoyo surf resort, with the help of our friendly guides. We’ll take you to the waves you desire, paddle out with you, and guide you in the water. If you’re looking for performance reef break, we’ll head to Popoyo reef. If you’re taking lessons or want to longboard on cruisy, mellow waves, we’ll guide you to Mag Rock. Popoyo has it all, in terms of waves; beach breaks, reef breaks, lefts, and rights.

FYoga at Malibu Popoyo Resortind balance with daily yoga sessions

After breakfast, make your way to the serene open-sided, wooden-floor palapa for a guided yoga and meditation session. This isn’t just a yoga class, it’s a personalized yoga session with your fitness needs taking center stage.

Refuel and relax for an afternoon of exploration

After yoga, take some much-needed time to relax poolside, lounge in a hammock, and enjoy the gentle breeze of a beautiful Nicaraguan day. Then, refuel at La Catina, where you’ll find a broad selection of delicious, health conscience meals that are the perfect fuel for your next surf session.

Head out for an afternoon surf or excursion

The afternoons at our Popoyo surf resort are what you make them. There are waves to surf for those looking for a second or third session in the water, ample pool and relaxation time, and the opportunity to explore the country with half-day excursions.

While it may seem hard to believe for many of our surf obsessed guests who visit our Popoyo surf resort, there is far more to Nicaragua than just the surf. Nicaragua is home to gorgeous colonial cities like nearby Granada and León in the north. Both cities boast some of Central America’s finest examples of Spanish colonial architecture.

For those looking for a more adventurous afternoon excursion, head to one of Nicaragua’s many volcanos, such as Volcano Cerro Negro or the Mombacho Volcano Nature Preserve. Hike up, and in some instances, slide down.

Unwind with an evening to remember

Sunset at Malibu Popoyo Resort

After an afternoon surf or excursion, you’re delivered safely to the doorstep of our luxurious Popoyo surf resort, just in time to enjoy the sunset. Either grab a beer and head to the beach in front of our Popoyo surf resort or walk down to Magnific Rock for a view you’re sure to remember.

After the sun dips below the sea on the horizon, head back to La Cantina, at our Popoyo surf resort, for a decadent meal coupled with the perfect cocktail. La Cantina serves healthy meals inspired by an authentic fusion of Central American and Western cuisines. Each dish is chef engineered to satisfy your deepest cravings while fueling you for an active day. Post-dinner drinks on the beach around a bonfire are the perfect way to cap off a day well spent, then head to bed, rest, and do it all again the next day.


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